Your support system in getting a job in the netherlands

Working as a student at International Students Work has a lot of benefits. We have helped more than 300 international students not only with finding the right part-time job, but guide them in everything that comes with working in the Netherlands. 

We stimulate the integration of international students in the society through work.


Easy, convenient, and quick process for international students to find (part-time) work in the Netherlands. All of our job offers and communications are fully in English.


Dutch bureaucracies can be complicated for international students. We offer guidance throughout the legalities that comes after getting a (part-time) job; work permit, insurance, taxes. We are your support system when it comes to working legally in the Netherlands.

Flexible jobs

Worry-free when it comes to fitting work into your study schedule. Our jobs are catered for international students so you'll have the chance to fix the work schedule in advanced with your employers.

Free for students

Our assistance for students are completely free of charge. Come to us with your questions regarding working in the Netherlands and we'll try our best to help you.

Gain experience

Build your CV, prepare for your future career by gaining experience working with Dutch companies during your study. You'll be one step ahead when it comes to finding full-time job after graduation.


We acknowledge the struggles that international students face when it comes to integrating to Dutch culture. We arrange cultural activities for students who work via ISW to get to know each other and meet some locals.


Success Stories

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