About International Students Work

In Nijmegen, we see an ever growing amount of local business dealing with an employee shortage. However, at the same time, more and more students from all over the world apply to Radboud University and the HAN. We found that especially these international students are motivated to work a part-time job (74%), but the platform to connect them to local companies was still missing. Hence, our initiative ‘International Students Work’.



International Students Work strives to equalize the gap between international students and Dutch students and with that stimulating the integration of the international students in Dutch society.


International Students Work will equalize the labour market gap between international students and Dutch students by preparing and connecting them better to the Dutch labour market.

Meet The Team

Karel Leusink


Danna C.T. Mulya
Marketeer & Community Manager


Mauricio Bustamante Ayarza
Process Manager


Demi Karafillakis
Marketeer & Content Manager


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