Enabling opportunities for international students

Thousands of international students come to the Netherlands to pursue a Dutch education. However, they face challenges in staying in the Netherlands and putting that education to work. At the same time, there is an ever-growing amount of businesses dealing with an employee shortage. International Students Work (ISW) aims to solve both issues by bridging the gap between the local business community, knowledge institutions, and international students.


We equalize the labour market gap between international and local students by enabling every international student & graduate to feel welcome and successfully integrate in the local community. By offering int. students & graduates a contact point, work and support in their host city, facilitating and guiding them to find their way and connecting them with the local community.


Enthusiastic about bringing people together and growing a diverse and inclusive community. We are a flat organization where every voice matters. 

A self-managed team who thrives by allowing people to do what they are best at with given freedom and flexibility.

Can-do mentality
Open to creating new opportunities, we are a customer-focused company committed to making a long-term positive impact.


Driven to make a difference, we challenge the status quo by breaking the closed loop of the labour market

Growth mindset
We facilitate and empower personal and professional growth within our team.

We create an environment where everybody belongs.



Meet the team

Care about creating social impact?

Are you enthusiastic about creating a more inclusive environment for the international student community? Join our team! Although we are not actively looking for new team members, but if you share our values, have the skills to contribute, and located in Nijmegen, you can send an open application.

Work in a self-management culture and own your role! Propose ideas/projects that are relevant to international students. Whether it’s an internship, part-time role, or full-time role, shoot us an email with your CV, motivation, interests, and project idea (for internship).

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