We make international students work

a Social responsibile initiative

For International Students

Personal guidance and mastering the basics of the Dutch language are leading for our matching activities.

For local businesses

We facilitate a platform helping local companies and international students to find each other.

Social responsibile initiative

We stimulate integration through work. Businesses grow and students learn!

Our Story..


Two Dutchies and an Irish guy looking to make Nijmegen a better place to live. Since we've all lived abroad and identified this integration issue in many places, we wanted to bridge this gap in our own city. With this start-up we challenged ourselves to see if we could run a business and make a social impact at the same time.

Why now?

In Nijmegen, we see an ever growing amount of local business dealing with an employee shortage. However, at the same time, more and more students from all over the world apply to Radboud University and the HAN. We found that especially these international students are motivated to work a part-time job (74%), but the platform to connect them to local companies was still missing. Hence, our initiative 'International Students Work'.

We strive for Win-win-win

We believe our company only has the right to exist, if all the stakeholders involved benefit from our activities. Companies have sufficient staff, students get an opportunity to integrate in Nijmegen and the University gets ambassadors throughout the whole world.​


Help you with:

  • Learning the Dutch language
  • Integrating into Dutch society
  • Get a job in or around campus
  • Get in touch with new Dutchies!
Response in 3 days

"The international students of ISW did a great job at my event. Hard working and dedicated employees.

Tijmen(manager) - El sombrero



  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Emphasis on your international look
  • Attract a new audience



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of all international students want part-time jobs
Of international students want to learn Dutch
Students working and integrating through ISW

Work as a bartender at one of our events!

The team

Three guys with an idea

"It's great to challenge myself to set up a successful business and make Nijmegen a better place at the same time."
Jeroen Verboom
"Awesome to unify my enterpreneurial spirit, cross cultural skills and network to make this initiative happen."
Karel Leusink
"Fantastic opportunity to set up a business which helps my fellow international students."
Sean Eoghan McLaughlin