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Do you want to develop your business, grow internationally and gain new innovative ideas? International Students Work has a large network with more than 200 international students, consisting of 50 nationalities and 42 languages, who are eager to work for your company! Choose among engineers, IT experts, data scientists, social media managers and many more professions!

what do we offer?

Local solution

The ISW pool consists of employees who live in the nearby university city, which creates a strong connection with your company.

Access to talent

International Students Work brings you into contact with students early on in their study career. In this way, you are one step ahead of competitors in the race for skilled students with the most requested profiles.

Local knowledge

Our students have the necessary local knowledge of foreign markets to make the expansion of your business abroad more successfully. They speak the language and know the culture.

Long term solution

Our students are doing a bachelor's or master's degree in the Netherlands. More than 70% of them want their first full-time job in the Netherlands after graduation. This means that many students are interested in starting a full-time job after graduation.


Our students support your full-time staff in their daily tasks. At the same time, you are able to scout talent on a flexible basis and assess whether the student is a suitable candidate to come to work full-time after graduation.


International Students Work is a partner of Nedflex. Together with them we take care of the application for a work permit and the responsibilities as a legal employer. All you have to do is pass on the hours the students have worked.

- Hanneke Winder -

" Due to the pleasant cooperation with ISW, we were able to employ a group of motivated international students within 3 weeks. We thought that the language barrier would cause complex challenges in our existing business operations. This is, however, not the case: the students became quickly proficient in our processes."


- Paul van den Broek -

"The students at ISW are energetic and quick witted. Their flexible availability makes them a great addition to my full-time team."

- Arnout van der maas -

"ISW provides motivated and smart candidates for positions in our office and in logistics. They completely relieve us of the paperwork involved in hiring an international student. Great service."

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