Written by Esther Wundsam, 2nd October 2022

In the Netherlands cycling is really popular. There are even more bikes than people. Read the following post in order to remind yourself of some basic rules. Stick to them and do not get a fine.

Written by Esther Wundsam, 22nd September 2022

Loneliness is a huge issue among students, especially internationals who leave friends and family behind. In Nijmegen many students find themselves in the same situation and therefore we made a list of activities you can do to feel less lonely.

Written by Esther Wundsam, 13th September 2022

Students are often known for being able to spend little money per month. In order to save money in several ways, we put together a list of places and online options. Some tips are specific for the Netherlands and therefore maybe new for you.  

Written by Esther Wundsam, 31st August 2022

DUO is a governmental organisation which provides student finance for mostly Dutch students of higher education during their studies. Internationals can only get DUO finance if they meet certain requirements, which will be part of the following blog post. 

Written by Esther Wundsam, 14th August 2022

Coming to the Netherlands to study from abroad is a challenge itself. We help you making your arrival easier by providing a packing list catered to your needs in the Netherlands.

Written by Esther Wundsam, 19th July 2022

Getting a job as a student often seems to be a challenge, especially as an international. Some students are therefore happy to take any job offer they can get ignoring the downsides. Dutch laws and regulations can be tricky. That is why we want to share a few don’ts with you after Angelos shared his story working in a restaurant in Arnhem. 

Written by Laurien Schimmer, 3rd April 2022

Are you overwhelmed by the Dutch rules when it comes to working in the Netherlands? We made a list that will help you with the process to work legally in the Netherlands. Here’s what you need to do:

Written by Laurien Schimmer, 30th May 2022

Imagine, you are standing in a crowd of one of the biggest free festivals in the Netherlands, enjoying more than 1000 different performances and earning 3200 euros in 6 weeks! Isn’t it a terrific opportunity? 

working in the netherlands 101

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